Practical Travel Gear’s Review: LiteBelt 100

Another great review for our best-selling model, LiteBelt 100, by “Practical Travel Gear” travel writer and editor Amy Whitley .  For the full article click the link below.

“As a runner, hiker, and backcountry skier, I’ve tried out several styles of safety lights for outdoor pursuits. For around-the-camp activities, I’ve fallen in love with my head lamp, but a beam that will bounce around while I run or ski just won’t do.

Enter GoMotion LiteBelt 100. When I first saw the GoMotion LiteBelt, I was skeptical. Surely a waist belt, fanny pack-style pockets, and duel lights (one LED beam, one flashing safety light) was overkill. But then again, I’d tried all the clip-style LEDs out there, and one by one they had fallen off, dimmed, or just stopped working. I worried that the LiteBelt would feel too heavy or bulky, even though the construction was lightweight mesh. Then I strapped it on for my first pre-dawn run.

This light is so comfortable! I would never have believed it to look at it, but I truly forget I have it on. The waist belt does not have to be buckled tightly to feel snug, and the beam does not bounce around as I thought it would. The belt sits comfortably below my waist, and the reflective orange hex mesh is as breathable and lightweight as GoMotion promises.

GoMotion uses a 100 CREE LED light which can be set on three levels of beam intensity by the push of a little button. You can also adjust the size of the light from ‘flood’ to ‘spotlight’.  I use flood while I run; spotlight would be more useful while setting up camp in the dark, or trying to read something.”


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